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Welcome to Piglet Productions.

What this site isn't :

If you are looking for adorable pictures of lots of piglets, or stories about winnie the pooh, then you are clearly in the wrong place, sorry. However, Google is pretty good for finding that kind of thing.

What this site is :

In the days when we had more time this was dedicated to distributing our programming efforts, that were mainly aimed at the Fidonet community. However, until the days roll round when we once again have that much time, which seems unlikely right now, it is still possible to get some legacy support here.

Piglet Productions consisted of Colin Turner & Chris McCandless. Chris has long since ceased to have time to program much after carelessly getting a job, and Colin has similar problems. Right now Colin is also recently married and his computers seem to be rebelling. Some more normal service might just be resumed some time... maybe... Anyway, the bbs isn't dead, it's just that the PC that runs it keeps dying.

I've put some room back on the site for personal stuff, and I've tried to reorganise things a little. I'm also putting some stuff on, and I'll have to see just how best to divide it all up.

In the meantime just enjoy yourself and browse about.

... pardon? Why "piglet" productions, well that's a long story... and a lot less interesting that you might think.You see once when we were looking for a name for a bbs...

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