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FDInt - FrontDoor Internet Utility

Our flagship product. This program allows easy interfacing of FrontDoor to a GIGO style Fidonet to Internet gate. Features include

  • Automated document server;
  • Mailing lists (hosting of);
  • Linking of mailing lists to Fidonet conferences (echomail);
  • Listserv (registered version);
  • Redirection of mail to points etc.

Version 1.10 is sadly stalled, despite having many improvements and features like voting in the mailing lists. I guess the reasons for writing such software are less clear now, but I still might finish it one day.

FDInt 1.05 has been released as a stop gap measure. This version was developed in parallel with FDInt 1.00 and has no extra functionality apart from support for the new FrontDoor 2.25/2.30 functionality.

As FDInt operates it's mailing list system by examining the netmail folder for mail packets attached to it, it now needs to process the Static Outbound Queue. The following changes have been made in 1.05:

  • FDINT.EXE will not run on previous versions of FrontDoor, but will simply exit with an appropriate error message. The exit errorlevel will be 30 in this case.
  • There is no FDINTBIG.EXE, and this is no longer necessary due to speed benefits from better coding.
  • The following extra command line parameters are supported
    /NONET suppress scan of the netmail folder;
    /NOQ suppress scan of the static queue.
  • FDInt will maintain a semaphore LASTSCAN.STQ in the FDInt directory in the same way as LASTSCAN.NET. It will update the two semaphores independently as needed. Both are ignored when /FULLSCAN is used.
  • FDInt will not touch locked or deleted Queue entries of course, and will also ignore any queue entries which are not yet mature (SendAfter not reached) and which have expired (SendUntil has been passed). FDInt will ignore queue entries addressed to it that do not point to .PKT files. After processing valid queue entries, FDInt will mark them as deleted.
  • FDInt will read any additional FrontDoor AKAs into memory as it runs.
  • FDISetup will display the time format in the history viewer as per the country code as usual, but will also accept overrides from FDSETUP. (24 hour, 12 hour format overrides, as well as date layout). This was true of the "normal" version of FDISetup, but only the 24 hour override was supported.

FDInt is both Freeware and Shareware. It may be used in unregistered form indefinitely with no legal penalties, but registering it gives access to more functionality.

 Current Version : 1.00 (For FrontDoor 2.20 and below)
                 : 1.05 (For FrontDoor 2.25 and above)
 Status          : Freeware / Shareware
 Magic Name      : FDINT
 Beta Verson     : 1.10 under development. (Restricted Beta Programme) 

Download FDInt 1.00

Download FDInt 1.05 (Requires and Support FrontDoor 2.25 and above)

Last updated 25 February, 2004 - Material is copyright unless otherwise stated.