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FDDU - FrontDoor Dumb Utility

Many generic .MSG tools not written specifically for FrontDoor can cause problems in multitasking or multiline systems due to their lack of use of the relevant semaphores. This program provides a shell around the utility which handles the required semaphores.

Version 1.10 now supports FrontDoor 2.25 and above (and requires it). It adds Macro Expansion and touching of FDRESCAN.NOW in the system NetMail folder to the existing functionality.

Current Version : 1.10
Status          : Freeware
Magic Name      : FDDU

Download FrontDoor Dumb Util 1.00 (For FrontDoor 2.20 and below)

Download FrontDoor Dumb Util 1.10 (Requires FrontDoor 2.25 and above)


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