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NLBrowse - FrontDoor Nodelist Browser

Allows the FrontDoor nodelist indices to be browsed without creating any other index files. This product is essentially a test program for the FrontDoor Nodelist Index Class (a C++ class developed by Colin Turner which will be released soon). Features include

  • Simple to use interface, similar to the FrontDoor 2.30 internal browser
  • Mouse control over list boxes
  • Easy to use as an external browser from your programs

The new release version requires FrontDoor 2.25 or above.

Version 1.10.b3 is available for those with FrontDoor 2.20 or below, although this has no support for use as an external browser.

Current Version : 1.00
Status          : Freeware

Old Version     : 1.00.b3 (Required for FrontDoor 2.20 and below)

Magic Name      : NLBROWSE

Download FrontDoor NodeList Browser 1.00

Download FrontDoor NodeList Browser 1.00.b3

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