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Minor Utilities


FrontDoor Nodelist to Gigo (FD2GIGO)

This is a freeware utility useful to FrontDoor sysops using the GIGO mail gateway program. GIGO maps points to addresses that are subdomains of the boss InterNet address.

This leads to untidy addresses, but more seriously, some ISPs require preregistration of subdomains and that makes this form of addressing impossible.

FD2GIGO simply creates a user file to be included into GIGOs configuration by obtaining information from the FrontDoor Nodelist Database and mapping it to the specified domain names. You can use this to automatically direct mail at your own domain to your points.

Current Version : 1.00
Status          : Freeware
Magic Name      : FD2GIGO

Download FrontDoor To Gigo Utility 1.00

FastEcho Setup Fix (FEFix)

This is a freeware utility provided to address a known bug in FESetup (1.46) where areas with more than 128 downlinks can no longer be viewed or configured in FESetup (which crashes), although the FASTECHO and FEUTIL programs both run perfectly on such a configuration.

This provides a quick'n'dirty area manager for FESetup without many bells and whistles which can be used to edit these areas.

It is recommended that FESetup should be used whenever possible.

Current Version : 1.00
Status          : Freeware
Magic Name      : FEFIX

Download FastEcho Setup Fix 1.00

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