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FDHis - FrontDoor History Viewer

Allows the FrontDoor inbound and outbound history files to be examined offline, or even spooled to a textfile in a batch mode for a nightly posting. Also incorporates nodelist lookup using the existing FrontDoor nodelist indices.

Also allows entries to be spooled for the last number of days, or between specific dates to help with the business of checking phone bills.

The "release" version 1.10 requires and supports FrontDoor 2.25/2.30, but the previously released public beta 1.10.bC is included on the web site for users of FrontDoor 2.20 and below.

Current Version : 1.00
Status          : Freeware
Magic Name      : FDHIS

Download FD History Viewer 1.00.bC (For FrontDoor 2.20 and below)

Download FD History Viewer 1.00 (Requires FrontDoor 2.25 and above)

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